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World needs more men like Ghasamfar Ali

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The world needs more men like GhasamfarAli K, a true gentleman who knows how to make a woman feel safe when the conditions didn’t feel that way.
The auto driver Ghasamfar Ali K has been appreciated and rewarded by Bengaluru Police Commissioner M N Reddi for his good work.
This post by Ranjani Shanker on social media on June 28 went viral and was shared by the Bengaluru City police on the Facebook page. Here it is republished.
After a one hour wait spent waiting in a Cafe Coffee Day looking for cabs on Uber and Ola, to take me from Bangalore city to Kanakpura Road, I finally could find only an Ola autorickshaw that agreed to make the 38km trip. In the meanwhile, I was also trying to get a ride from a friend who was headed in the same direction but a little later.
So when my auto arrived and I got in, he told me that the location I’ve asked for doesn’t allow autos in the suggested route, (highway/toll road) and so we’d have to take a different route. I looked up Google Maps to find the simplest route and told the auto driver that he had to follow the route I told him only with no deviation. He said okay, but once I started telling him, he slowed me down to warn me that the route had super low light and checked if I was okay going on that route.
I took a few seconds to coordinate my ride with the friend who said he’d meet me half way and pick me up. So I just took the risk and trusted the auto driver, who’d definitely done everything right up until then to convince me.
The next 30 mins was an auto ride in complete darkness with a stranger in a city that’s not my home, with only my phone to keep me connected and provide me light. All through the ride, the auto driver kept checking if I was okay and mentioned that Ola had given him the right training to drive for single women and that I’ll be just fine. Even then, I was holding onto my pounding heart and hoping I reach my friend with no trouble. Not only did this man reach me safely to my destination but he waited 20 minutes with me until my friend arrived, crossed the road with me and ensured I got in safe.
What overwhelmed me was not how well he did his job, but that he was a decent human being who knew that safety is a single woman traveller’s biggest concern.
Thank you Ghasamfar Ali. Ola, you should be proud to have him drive for you.

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