Tuesday, August 29, 2023
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About City Kemp

‘City Kemp’ hits the stand!
We are very pleased to announce the launch of City Kemp, the neighbourhood newspaper, in our city which is the cradle of many English language newspapers.

The concept of neighbourhood newspapers became an attractive research area in the 90’s and it has been continuously growing in interest since then. It was recently felt that the increasing number of people in the neighbourhood community needs a journal to know what’s happening in their

So City Kemp aims to address this need and focus itself on this main theme. It intends to primarily publish news and views that concern the residents every week. In addition, it may occasionally contain special issues on various topics concerning the residents.

What’s in a name?
While browsing the internet we came across the word ‘Kemp’ meaning the champion. The word Kemp (found in Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia and other dictionaries) is derived from the
Middle English word ‘kempe,’ which came from Old English ‘cempa,’ meaning ‘warrior’ or ‘champion.’ Hence it can be termed as City Champion.

Thanks are due to many people who have helped in starting up this new newspaper. We are particularly grateful to the various Residents’ Welfare Associations who provided us with a lot of support and advice, and who will continue to represent the journal in their respective areas. We are sure that their great reputation and great expertise in the field will have a significant contribution in shaping up the journal and making City Kemp a prestigious neighbourhood newspaper.

It also gives us great pleasure in welcoming the members of the Editorial Board of City Kemp. We rely on their expertise for reviewing and accepting articles. Therefore, their contribution to the newspaper is invaluable and we are grateful to them for giving freely of their time to review the content. We hope they will continue to help us in the future.

The Editor wishes to thank the writers who sent in articles for the first issue of City Kemp. We hope our paper will become the main vehicle for presenting ideas, research and other activities in the area and serve the local community well. Any suggestion from our valued readers to improve the coverage and for better presentation of news will always be appreciated.

Edited, Printed, Published and Owned by Akshaya A

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