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Traffic cop honoured for good work

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A traffic police in the city who not only does an excellent job in managing a busy U-turn but was also seen physically removing some extra cement from the road to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow.
After the story was widely shared on social media, Bengaluru Traffic Police authorities decided to honour the honesty and diligence of the aforementioned cop, K Satyanarayana of White Field Traffic. In recognition of his good work, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) M A Saleem,  congratulated him and awarded a cash award of Rs 2000.
Sanjukta Sarkar on June 29 in his post appreciated the good work by K Satyanarayana of White Field Traffic and it has been liked by many.
It is glad to note and strongly appreciate the move by the Bengaluru Traffic Police authorities. Such acts of appreciation and recognition of hard work keeps the spirit of honesty, diligence and integrity alive.
Reward and Reprimand are two opposite words and actions. Rewards are directed at people, with the intention of improving or maintaining their desirable behavior.
Alternatively reprimand is to tell someone officially and in a serious way that something they have done is wrong.
Based upon posts on Bengaluru Traffic Police facebook page the authorities have reprimanded some of the officials for their laxity in duties and also recognised those who did good work.

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