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Ward Committees to be formed soon

wardTransport Minister Ramalinga Reddy, Corporator M Chandrappa, BBMP Joint Commissioner Hemachandra, Chief Engineer Nagarajaiah, Executive Engineer Sreenivas Reddy, AEE Yogesh, Ms. Latha, RO; Ms. Bhagyalakshmi, MOH; Niranjan, Horticulture official; Residents of Koramangala and RWA representatives attended.
•10 ton wet waste management system proposed for ward 151. Vijay from ecobin consulted
• New proposal for garbage collection with having auto for every 500 houses and more pourakarmicas is in approval process
• Establishments and residents not complying with segregation are being warned and fined
• Suchi mitra will be identified for each block and will be involved in ensuring compliance of segregation
• Team from Samarthanam will also be involved with training and compliance of segregation
• Detailed plans on auto routes and PKS will be published in a transparent manner
•Less than 10kg commercial establishments will be handled by AEE
•Residents suggested that the tender should have clauses to incentivize segregation and penalize contractors giving large amounts of unsegregated waste
• 3rd block residents spoke about the huge cost of maintaining the leaf shredder and no takes for the output of shredder. JC promised that BBMP will resolve this issue.
• Residents suggested that the horticulture department can buy the compost from the 3rd block unit and use it among all the parks.
• Residents raised lot of concerns on traders operating without licenses in the ward and asked MOH to take action against them
• JC informed that a Ward committee will be created soon and there will be closer interactions with ward committee to take suggestions from residents
• A separate meeting with RWA was suggested to discuss the tender in detail
• MOH introduced Venkatesh and asked the residents to contact him about issues related to commercial waste
• BBMP has empaneled contractors for commercial waste but has not been involved in the standardizing of rates for waste collection. This will be rectified in near future
• Residents raised the issue of vacant plots and issue of garbage dumping. A plan was proposed that BBMP will send 2 to 3 notices to owners to clean up and when no response is obtained, BBMP will tax the owner and clean the site and block access to the same. They suggested that RWA talk to accessible owners and convince them to use the plots as car parking or gardens.

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