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CM to inaugurate work on new flyover

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Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will be inaugurating work on the long awaited Ejipura to Kendriya Sadan Elevated Road in a week’s time.
The function was originally scheduled in Koramangala on Saturday 17th June. However with the Namma Metro Phase 1 scheduled for inauguration on the same date, the launch of work date has been deferred.
Meanwhile, Koramangala residents are working with the BBMP Major Roads department on 4 key areas of importance in the flyover design. A representation on the issues has been shared with the Minister for Transport, Ramalinga Reddy also.
The representation talks about 4 key issues on the design and execution:
n Ramp in return direction from Water Tank junction towards Ejipura:
In the original plans ,the ramp originates along Sarjapur Road just opposite the main gate of St Johns Hospital and the ramp turns left to join the main flyover span. Citizens feel that the problem with this design is that traffic approaching the Water tank junction from Krupanidhi junction and wishing to turn right and travel towards Ejipura and onwards towards Indiranagar and Old Airport Road will be unable to use the flyover. Most of the traffic passing Water Tank Junction and heading towards Indiranagar uses Intermediate Ring Road (IRR), therefore it needs to be directly connected with the elevated road from water tank junction itself. Citizens have therefore requested a re-orientation of the ramp along the 100 ft road axis and starting the ramp from just after the Water tank junction. This will facilitate traffic from both directions (from St Johns Main Hospital Gate end turning left and traffic approaching Water tank junction from Krupanidhi signal and wishing to turn right.
n Free left turn at the Hosur Road junction:
In the drawings a wide left ramp at the Hosur Road junction is indicated. This ramp , citizens believe, is vital to the success of this flyover as otherwise traffic volumes would pile up at the Hosur Road junction after exiting the flyover at Kendriya Sadan.
Citizens have urged BBMP to ensure that this ramp is implemented along with the main project and all necessary steps in this direction are taken concurrently.
n Arrangements at Ejipura junction required to interface with the proposed road to Agara through Defence Land as shown in the Master Plan 2015:
In the RMP 2015, a road had been proposed linking Ejipura to Agara and the project is awaiting final clearances from the Ministry of Defence, Govt of India, New Delhi.
Given that this project is also a vital one and likely to be approved in the very near future, citizens have requested that the design of the up-ramp at Ejipura be done carefully to accommodate entry into and from the new road when it is taken up for construction. This factor should be explicitly factored into the design.
n Tree cover along 100 ft road — request to go in only for pruning and not for tree cutting
100 ft road, Koramangala has many huge full grown trees on both sides of the road. Citizens have requested that only pruning of branches be resorted to and where any tree removal is inevitable, transplantation of trees be resorted to in order to save the trees along the road.
BBMP has expressed the desire to work with the citizens and accommodate their desires in this matter.

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