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Meet the new Mrs India Karnataka winners

The finale for Mrs India Karnataka-2018 was held at Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Centre on Saturday March 25, 2018 in Bengaluru.

· Mrs. India Karnataka winner Rajender Kaur
· Mrs India Karnataka 1st runner up Ujjala Sabharwal
· Mrs. India Karnataka 2nd runner up Archana Kapoor Nagpal
· Classic mrs India Karnataka winner Kajol Bhatia
· Classic Mrs India Karnataka 1st runner up Shyalja Nagneni
· Classic Mrs India Karnataka 2nd runner up Madur Dubey
· Super classic MRS INDIA KARNATAKA..Preeti kalyanpur

The finale sessions begun with a photo shoot by living lens followed by pre-judging event and workshops on natural skin care and make up tips. The Saturday’s finals had several attractions. To begin with the there were three rounds; Ethnic, Fitness Wear and the Western Gown round. This was followed by awarding of various titles like Mrs Photogenic, Mrs Diva, Mrs Glamorous, Mrs Inspirational, Mrs Best Walk, Mrs Best Smile, Mrs Inner Beauty, Mrs Beautiful Eyes, Mrs Intellectual, Mrs Best Performer, Mrs Talent Queen, Mrs Fitness Queen, Mrs Creative Queen, Mrs Beautiful Hair, Mrs Vivacious, Mrs Entertainer, Mrs Body Beautiful, Mrs Glowing Skin and Mrs Popular.
Overall, it turned out to be a super Saturday in Bengaluru as the finale event was not just limited to cat walks and cheers. The audience were enthralled to stunning dance performances by dance troupes. As Mrs India-Karnataka is one of the prestigious events of the year, a host of celebrities had descended at the venue to cheer the contestants. The Mrs India-Karnataka 2018 has been a big hit with hundreds of married women turning up to participate for the beauty pageant auditions which began last year. The women from various walks of life had eagerly participated as the pageant focused on empowering women and showcasing their complete facet and personality. Also, this time the event is held in a bigger scale. The participants said that they were happy to be part of this programme as it provided a platform where married women will have the opportunity to make a difference in the world. Mrs India-Karnataka’s aim is to empower women and enrich opportunities for personal growth. Mrs Karnataka-India 2018 also inspires women of diverse backgrounds and cultures to come together nationally and internationally, support lifelong commitment to uplifting those in need and develop a sense of global responsibility.
Mrs India-Karnataka is not looking for models but is organised to make role models, according to Ms Pratibha Saunshimath (former Mrs. India Asia International), who is the main organiser of the event. She said Mrs India-Karnataka is the only beauty pageant that celebrates beauty in diversity and hence she was organising the event to bring more women from various backgrounds, to the limelight. Mrs. India-Karnataka aims at reaching every nook and corner of the state and brings out the talents among married women and gives them a prestigious platform, to showcase themselves to the rest of the world.

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