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Cosplayers rule St. Marks Road last Sunday

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Sr. Mark’s Road is known to be the most beautiful street in Bangalore and the Consul General, Mr. Takayuki Kitagawa hopes that, through this event, it someday becomes the biggest pop culture Street in India, similar to the Harajuku Street in Japan, which is currently the biggest Pop-culture Street in the world.
Last Sunday at around 1pm more than 30 of India’s cosplayers came out onto St. Marks Road in their costumes bringing their favourite Japanese anime (animation) characters to life. Most of the costumes were handmade by the cosplayers themselves. They cosplayed characters from famous anime like Naruto, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist etc. Even the Consul General, Mr. Takayuki Kitagawa and his team of Japanese delegates were in colourful costumes! 3 Backdrops were arranged in front of St. Mark’s Hotel for guests and cosplayers to use as a background to take photographs. There was also a “Cosplay try out section” where guests could try on the arranged costumes (from anime like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z) and props (like Pichachu hat and anime masks) and take pictures. All the guests really enjoyed this as finding these costumes in India is quite difficult.
At 3:00pm all the guests and cosplayers started walking together in a large group on St. Marks Road and back to the hotel cheering and dancing to the booming music and enjoying their love for Japanese Pop Culture. It was a magical spectacle to witness! Large armoured and winged beasts, cute characters, samurai, mystical characters with coloured eyes and hair of all shapes and sizes walking together.
Manga Planet Cosplay Walk 2018 was hosted by The Consulate General of Japan, co-sponsored by the brand Manga Planet, a Publishing Company in Japan that promotes Japanese Comic Book content all over the world; powered by Super Sugoii a Pop-culture Agency based in Mumbai and Tokyo and The St. Mark’s Hotel in Bengaluru.

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