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Revenue officials assess damage to household articles

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Continuous and heavy overnight downpour on August 14 night flooded the houses of S T Bed residents and caused major damages as dirty water from Rajakaluve (Storm Water Drain) entered their houses from the broken retaining walls. The walls were broken by the contractor to enter the drain to rebuild the retaining walls as well as to desilt the drain.
Majority of residents valuable things were damaged badly, like Washing Machines, Music Players, TV’s, Cots, Sofa, Beds, expensive Cars, Motorcycles to name a few.
In an Apartment alone around 40 cars and 120 motorcycles were completely submerged in dirty water in basement parking area.
Meanwhile Revenue Inspector Mr. Thipparaju and his team visited and instructed the residents to hand over documents relating to damage caused by the rains, he said next week he will visit the homes individually to assess the extent of damage.
Residents of ST Bed are thankful to MLA & Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy and S T Bed RWA President Rajendra Babu, Secretary Prakash Reddy and Joint Secretary Prasad for rising up to the occasion and getting the muck cleaned on the roads and clearing the damaged house old items from the layout.
– Mohan Raju

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