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Women’s Day at Samskruthi Ladies Association

city kemp women 3 city kemp women 7 city kemp women 8 city kemp women2 city kempMarch 8th is celebrated the world over as Women’s Day. It is a day womanhood is celebrated. It is the day of every woman, famous,a celebrity, a working professional, a housewife or a student.
Every woman should be treated like a celebrity.
At Samskruthi Ladies Association, Women’s Day was celebrated on Friday. The members came dressed up as famous women. Right from Jhansi ki Rani Lakshmibai to Kiran Bedi to Sania Mirza, to Medha Patkar to Usha Uthup to Mata Amruthanandamayi to pride of Karnataka, Akkamahadevi and Onake Obavva to Bharathrathna M S Subbulakshmi. The participants were asked to mime on stage and they were judged on their costume and presentation.
Seema Muralidhar as Akkamahadevi was adjudged the first winner, Mamatha Sathyanarayana as Onake Obavva was the second winner.
Essence of womanhood in its myriad hues was truly represented at Samskruthi.

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