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Mestripalya Lake work nearing completion

city kemp

900 metre walking track & a beautiful park to come up

city kemp
Mestripalya Lake Citizens Committee members inspecting the ongoing work.

Members of the Mestripalya Lake Citizens Committee visited the site last week to review the lake rejuvenation work. Ajay Reddy, Coordinator of the Citizens Committee feels that the lake will be ready to receive and store water by the end of March.
It will not be long before we see residents of Koramangala walking along the 900 metre walking track.
“We were expecting the work to be completed by mid March, it seems like there will be another two weeks delay, we are now confident that it will be ready by the end of this Month. That’s much before the arrival of Monsoons”, says Ajay Reddy.
Once BDA completes its work, additional work like lighting, development of a tree park, etc will be taken up by BBMP. The Mestripalya Lake Committee is submitting a detailed architect drawn plan to the BBMP which will show the location of the additional facilities.

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