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Solar Power – dependable source of supply Workshop to be organized by RWA 6th Block

6Dr A K Ramdas

Solar power, as the most dependable, non-polluting source of renewable and perennial energy has now been recognized as a vital source for the national development, which, in the years to come, will reduce our fossil fuel needs, when fully developed.
Government of India has now set its target to achieve 100 GW solar energy capacity by 2022. It encourages the establishment of manufacturing units to make every single component required, though, at the moment, many parts and basic equipment are imported from various countries. Cells, the most important part of photo-voltic panels, are imported from China, which, today, is the largest supplier , not only to India, but to many Western and European countries as well.
In the past and as of now, energy is obtained in India through fossil fuels, in addition to hydroelectric and thermal supplies. Geological estimates indicate that India has abundant supply of coal which is the major source for our industry and also enable thermal plants to generate the much needed power. Exploration for oil and gas are continuing at great speed and cost and now additional attention is being directed towards coversion of solar power for our use. However, we must realize that these are adding to our pollution one way or another.
Power obtained through Solar is clean and non-pollutant. And, it is practically free, except for the initial investment.
As a matter of interest to our readers, we may mention that the 2nd Solar India 2017 Expo is being proposed to be held in New Delhi from 10th to 12th May, where in more than 500 exhibitors from various countries are expected to participate.
It is therefore gratifying to note that the 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association has planned to organize a mega Workshop, at the Association Office, in the BBMP park, on 17th D Main, 6th Block, 6th Cross, Koramangala (Behind Koramangala Club), in association with EcoSoch, Sahakara Nagar, Bengaluru. It is scheduled for Saturday, 8th April, 2017, starting at 0900 hours.
Full details are expected to be announced shortly.
All residents obtain their power supply through BESCOM, as the only source. The power supply in the past, and doubtless, in the near future, may continue to be erratic, simply because our needs are met by hydroelectric stations. Poor monsoon can hit us hard and our consumption has been growing by leaps and bounds, without a corresponding increase in power generation. Also Bescom follows a slab rate policy for power consumed by its users, and these are:
0 to 30 units Rs 3.00 …Rs 90
31 to 100 ” 4.40 308
101 to 200 ” 5.90 590
above 200 ” 6.90 1104
The above, as an example, is based usage of 360 units and has a variable charge of Rs 30 for the first kw and for every additional kw, Rs 40 would be d be charged; thus the total woud be Rs 150 plus 2092 or a grand total of Rs 2242. In a month, a 3 kWp system would generate 360 units. Actual assessment would be made by a technical expert from EcoSoch and advice each interested member separately.
Before we embark on further details, it would be interest for all readers to know that the Government of Karnataka, has modified its Roof Top Policy on 2nd May 2016 on installed capacity and sanctioned load for each customer.
In this Workshop, one of which this Writer attended, for a full session, EcoSoch Team are expected to give full details of the benefits of Solar power generation, and how, they have been able to set up more than 40 projects in Karanataka, which includes homes and factories.
In this brief article, the writer would like to share some of the details secured from EcoSoch while attending the Workshop. It was educative to know that the Earth receives more energy from th Sun in one hour than what is used in the entire world in one year! Therefore, there is no reason why we should not make the necessary efforts to tap this source!
EcoSoch, have associated in the development of ore than 40 projects are well established to be able to provide solar and energy efficient solutions, according to their literature, and are supported by Sunlit Future Auroville. The Channel partners are also accredited by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.
All those readers who are interested to know more about the solar power generation potential are invited to register themselves for this interesting Workshop. It is gratifying to note hat the ultimate focus is to obtain uninterrupted solar power for our use. They may directly register with [email protected] or with the Secretary of 6th Block RWA. Some photographs of the jobs executed by EcoSoch are shown along with this article.

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