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Connection with new sewage pipeline is free of cost: Corporator

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The ongoing BWSSB work of replacement of higher diametre sewage pipelines in 4th Block Koramangala is fairly going on with least disturbances. However, laying of jelly stones over the dug up roads is a very thin layer and will not last long. This is what the residents feel. Besides this, the contractor has not used road roller to press it. Two more common problems to be tackled are: one is roads humps are worn out while relaying the dug up roads; another is rain water stagnation due to uneveness.
Another serious issue-City Kemp has received complaints from residents living around Swabhimana Park and 1st Cross stating that the residents/house owners have paid Rs 2,500 to Rs 8,000 for connecting their existing sewage piplines to the newly laid main sewage pipeline. Apart from this, for just two feet of new pipe to fix/replace, it is being charged Rs 800 to Rs 2500, the residents said.
The residents had no other way only to concede to the workers demand.
When contacted Corporator M Chandrappa clarified that no resident need not pay to the contractor or the mason doing the work, for connecting the existing sewage pipeline from their respective houses to the main sewage pipeline that is being newly laid. There are some instances where some residents might have voluntarily paid to make alterations in their house sewage pipelines,” he said and added that till the compound wall we have done free of cost.
Koramangala 4th Block Residents’ Welfare Association representative Krishna Reddy said that the RWA along with BWSSB/BBMP offcials and the contractor, as well as the residents had held meetings twice to discuss the same issue. At the meetings, it was arrived at that the resident need not pay any amount for connecting the house sewage line with the main sewage pipeline.
However if the house owner needs to change their entire pipeline then the cost has to be borne by the house owner. But so far the RWA has not received any complaints in this matter and the work is now going to be almost complete, he added.
Rajagopal, a resident suggested ”let RWAs along with BBMP-BWSSB and the contractor form a coordinating committee and appoint volunteers for each road so that they could monitor the work and in the same time take up issues that arise out. It would be a finest opportunity for the RWAs to take suggestions and work out, he added.

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