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Shift switchgear panels from ST Bed junction

Mohan Raju

Unprecedented heavy rains this year in Bengaluru have caused not only flooding of houses and damaging of cars and bikes, but rains have caused a lot of problems to BESCOM and in one such incident in Koramangala ST Bed entrance at the Maharaja Signal which is always bustling with heavy traffic and regular jams.
Huge switchgears panels of BESCOM came crashing down due to loose soil which was unable to take the load of the transformer as it was placed on a badly built platform on the pavement causing lot of discomfort to the residents.
There is hardly any space for pedestrians to walk on the so-called footpath which is narrow and completely occupied by the Bescom’s paraphernalia. To add to the misery of residents hawkers have further occupied whatever little space is left in the busy Maharaja junction which is the main exit and entry point for the residents of ST Bed and its neighbourhood.
Residents and RWA have approached all the respective departments like Bbmp, Bescom and Police to clear the footpath thus enabling senior citizens and young school going children to walk safely on the pavements.
ST Bed residents and RWA have requested Bescom to shift the switchgear panel slightly behind from the original place as there is some space, which would create the much needed space for the footpath. The present temporary place where the switchgear panels are placed has only compounded the problem.
Pics by Mohan Raju

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