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ST Bed RWA meets Minister to solve issues

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ST Bed Residents’ Welfare Association President Rajendra Babu, Secretary Prakash Reddy and Joint Secretary along with 20 members met Transport Minister & MLA Ramalinga Reddy and various officials of Police, BBMP, Hortculture deparments and requested them to carry out the pending works immediately.
1. Extending Median upto Apollo week trial and constable to be present during peak hours at Maharaja Signal. 2. Cleaning drains in front of the houses on 5th Main and other areas. 3. Requested for Hopkoms in ST Bed. 4. Park lights repair… in Children’s park 5. Road Humps on 1st main, 5th Main, 6th cross and other roads. 6. Removal of Hawkers on Foot path
Citizens living in an around Srinivagilu Tank Bed area of Koramangala have been going through harrowing experience of Traffic Jams, Noise levels beyond acceptable limits, Pollution, Speeding Motorists who drive so fast and dangerously where we put our lives as well as our Children’s in grave danger in every step we take, needless to say the plight of our Elders. During peak hours we cannot walk or take our vehicles out, in a so called posh locality of Koramangala.
After a hard days work people love to reach home at the earliest, but added to the traffic on roads, to our misery we cannot even enter ST Bed easily and during Peak hours we have to patiently wait for the Traffic Jams to get cleared every day.
Elders and Patients cannot even think of taking proper rest even during daytime.
Children cannot play in front of their homes and there have been several accidents on inner lanes of S. T. Bed.
Presently Audgodi Police Inspector has posted a constable in Maharaja Signal junction at the request of RWA which has reduced the traffic snarls to some extent.

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