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Sneha Koramangala celebrates Women’s Day

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Sneha Ladies’ Association conducted Smt Sneha competition on March 14 in Koramangala.
The contest began with preliminary round fashion show in which 35 contestants took part. Among them, 15 were selected who took part in the second round- talent round – 3 minutes performance in dance, singing, talk and monoacting. Of them 8 were selected to final round. Seema Muralidhar Savitha, Pramila, Sadhana, Nalina Umaaradhya, Katyayini, Pushpa, Latha and all were given task to write about equality of women with men. In this final round second runner up as Sadhana first runner up Savitha and Nalina was crowned as Smt Sneha
Sneha Ladies Association conducted Sneha Mahile Competition in that Nalina, Sadhana, Pramila Seema Muralidhar were the participants. Pramila Shivashankar was selected as Sneha Mahile 2017 based on her personality and contribution in various fields

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