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Automated RO Water Vending Machines at NGV

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Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy along with Ejipura Ward Corporator Ramachandra, NGV Central Association President Rajendra and residents inaugurated the Automated RO Water Vending Machines (RO Plant) in NGV Housing Complex on Monday. The Ro plants have been installed under State MLA Grants.
Residents can fill a Can of 20 litre water at Rs 5.
The RO Plants inaugurated are at Malaprabha Block, NGV Housing Complex and another at Simsha Block. Soon after inaugurating the RO Plant, the minister heard grievances from the residents who were present. Tungabhadra Block Association asked about the bad condition of road towards the Builders’ NGV Club. Also the residents complained about sewage pumping not happening for the four blocks -Malaprabha, Ghataprabha, Godavri and Tungabhadra. Some Ejipura residents complained about improper supply of Cauvery water. The Minister immediately told the concerned BWSSB engineer to rectifly the problem. Also another group of women residents from Ejipura complained about a civic official responding them in an improper way. The Minister called up the official and took to task. Later addressing the residents the Minister said provision would be made in the next financial year to construct an indoor stadium near the Rangamandira and immediately told the concerned official to earmark 3cr to 4 cr for that purpose.

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