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Fresh & healthy flours

Gauri Rokkam
As a holistic nutritionist, I am always on the lookout for making my (and my client’s) food better and healthier. Flours make a major part of our diet and to get fresh, good quality whole grain/gram flour is a big challenge. I prefer my flour to contain all the fibre(100%) and the germ intact and keep it a little coarse so that I get the benefit of the fibre to the maximum extent.
For the same reason, I get all my flours milled in the traditional mill in the neighbourhood, which was my best option till now. I do this task every month once (can afford such time only once a month). In the mill, at times, the flour is heated to high temperatures and when I try to keep my flour coarse, the rotis get harder. But had no better choice.
Now,I have come across a simple, Indian product which has amazed me and puts me at peace, when it comes to my rotis & rottis. Three entrepreneurs have designed a domestic mill with traditional chakki grind stones, which is compact & can sit on my kitchen counter like my mixer & do this job of giving me fresh broken grain, rava(any size) and flour(the perfect coarseness, I want) of any grain/gram, just before I make the dish. I can fix the size of the coarseness of my flour, no heat produced and more important, all the fibre and germ, intact.
The wheat rotis were so soft and tasty, in spite of 100% fibre and being a bit course. I am thrilled to have found the right product.
I got one for myself and you are welcome to see the demonstration and get a sample flour milled at our store, Swaastya Organics, Koramangala. You can get a feel of it at
Grana Mill is simple to use, easy to clean and well designed to provide the fresh grounded flour with the push of a button, any time. Now make flours at home, just like that! Eat fresh, Stay healthy!
Gauri Rokkam, is Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga Therapist

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