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Melodious rendition of Kritis

IMG-20160701-WA0008The first concert of the Ramaseva Mandali, Koramangala for the year after Sriramanavami festival started with a Scintillating performance by  young artiste, “Sangeeta Kaustubha”  Vid. Dhathri H Kumar on June 26 at the Indian Heritage Academy Hall in Koramangala.  Dhathri is an upcoming artiste and is learning the finer aspects of music from the great Master Maha Periya Sangeeta Samrat, Guru Neyveli R Santhana Gopalan, Chennai. She enthralled the packed audience with her melodious rendition of various Kritis. Her versatile style, aalapana of the ragas and the rendition of Kritis was well appreciated by the knowledgeable audience. The artist came up with some of the rare Kritis of different composers.
Kum Dhathri H Kumar started her performance with a Varna in “Nalina Kanti”, followed by a composition by Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar- “Paripahimam” in raag “Vakulabharana”. Then she sang “Nille nille Kolhapura Devi” of Harappanahalli Bheemavva in “Shuddha sarang”.
Next, she rendered “nenendu vedakuduraa” of Tyagaraja in “Karnataka Behag”, followed by “Sheshachala nayakam” of Dixit in raag “Varali”. The breezy “Sri Jalandhara” of Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar in “Gambhira naata” was worth attention. “Raghavendra raghavendra” of Maharajapuram Santhanam in “Shuddha sarangi” was sung with devotion. This was followed by a captivating rendition of “Shobhillu Saptaswara” in raga “Jaganmohini” of Thyagaraja where the artist showcased her abilities to reach the higher octaves. After this, the artist took Mysore Vasudevacharya’s “Kailasa Pathe” as the main kriti in raag Kalyani, for a fluent elaboration. Purandara Dasa’s “Baarayya Ranga” in Shubha Pantuvarali and “Chandra chooda Sivashankara” in raag “Darbarai kaanada” were sung in succession. She also sang a few more Dasakritis, before the concluding with the tillana in “farab” by Sri Patnam Subramanya Iyer.
She was ably accompanied on the Violin by Vid B S Madhusudhan, which gave the concert added colours. Vid N Vasudev on Mridangam and Vid B.R Ravikumar on Ghatam formed a fine pair and thani avartanam was reverberating. It was a pleasant musical evening.
The artiste Vid Dhathri H Kumar, in her performance that touched both the intellect and the heart, completely justified the coveted title of “Sangeeta Kaustubha” bestowed upon her by Sri D.Seetaramaiah Fine Arts Trust, Bengaluru.

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