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A brilliant Carnatic concert of Rithvik Raja

Rithvik Raja ConcertckNadasurabhi, a leading music sabha in Bangalore held the carnatic vocal concert of Rithvik Raja, a young artist from Chennai, on 17th April 2016 at the Indian Heritage Academy Hall in Koramangala.
Rithvik started the concert with the Purandaradasa Nattai kriti, Jayajaya jayajanaki kantha. This was followed by a Pantuvarali piece, Ninne near namminaanu which was treated elaborately befitting the “main” item of a concert. Unadulterated pantuvarali. It was a real delight. Next was Thyagaraja’s pancharatna kriti Saadinchane.
Another major item taken for elaboration was Anandabhairavi and the song was one of the Kamalamba navavarna kritis of Muthuswamy Dikshitar.  Sarasasamadaana in Kapinarayani which is normally used as a fast paced filler, was sung brilliantly by Rithvik with detailed neraval and swara prasthara.
The main was Thodi. Not too long alapanai. Ending gave an impression that he was heading towards a thanam. But instead the artist took up the slow paced swarajathi of Shyama Sastri. In addition to the detailed swaras within the composition itself, Rithvik chose to add a few rounds of kalpana swaras as well. Tail pieces included Jagadhoddharana, Tirupathi Venkata Ramana in Sindhubhairavi and a delightful thillana.
The unique feature of the concert is to have included a Thyagaraja’s  pancharatnam, Dikshitar’s Kamalamba navavarna kriti and Shyama Sastri swarajathi in the same concert. A real tribute to the Trimurthis.
Overall, an extremely good concert. Also, all three accompanying artists rose to the occasion. Nishant Chandran is not seen frequently on Bangalore stage. We may probably see him more in the coming months/years. He is extremely good and gives the extract of each raga. Anandabhairavi was superb. Jayachandra Rao is a veteran. Young Phanindra did a good job too.

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