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Koramangala citizens present traffic suggestions

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A number of concrete suggestions and points were discussed at the Citizens Interaction meeting held at Adugodi Traffic Police Station on Saturday November 21. Traffic Inspector Ramesh Kumar and representatives from all Koramangala blocks were present.
Some of the key points that emerged at the meeting
l A pedestrian skywalk has been sanctioned at St Johns Hospital junction on Sarjapur Road. Work is expected to commence shortly. An inimation has been received from Major Roads Executive Engineer  Kabade.
l No parking to be implemented strictly near BDA Complex jumction to eliminate congestion.
Traffic police have agreed to enforce No Parking signages from 16th Main junction to BDA signal on 7th Cross road. Vehicles parked illegally to be fined.
l To eliminate chaos on 8th Main Road it was decided to extend the road median from Sarjapur Road upto Embassy apartment junction to prevent vehicles travelling on wrong side of the road..
l To encourage traffic flow along the   2 way direction on Sarjapur Road it was decided to give a longer green signal along the straight travel direction and reduce duration of green signals at the 80 ft road junction for right turning vehicles.
l Traffic police requested citizens to help repair Wheel Clamps earlier purchased by Traffic Police and now rendered ineffective and non functional. Citizens present agreed to assist Traffic Police in this effort.
l Some Residents’ Welfare Associations’ representatives present offered to sponsor signages for Traffic Police for No parking etc.

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