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Manipuris in City Celebrate Ningol Chakkouba

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Ningol Chakkouba was celebrated on Sunday, (November 15) at the Builders’ NGV Club in Koramangala, Bengaluru. For Manipuris, the actual day of this festival falls on Nov 13. Since Friday is not a holiday here, MSWAB (Manipur Sports and Welfare Association Bangalore) and like minded people jointly organized this festival for all their beloved sisters in Bengaluru.
Ningol Chakkouba is known as “A Day For Daughters in Manipur”. It is very popular social festival of Meiteis or where the married women (Ningol) are invited (Chakouba) to their parent’s house. Every married women come to their parental house along with their children and is served with a lavish and extensive meal to enjoy. This festival is a form of a family get-together in order to revive the family affection.

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