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Honesty prevails

web-pNot all autorickshaw drivers are bad, here is an example of honesty so that others can emulate it.
On December 31, 2014 Syed Salman Hafiz was leaving for his year end motorcycle ride. So he tied his laptop backpack on the saddle bag of the motorcycle. Then he left from Kavalbyrasandra and crossed Electronic city flyover only to find that his laptop backpack is missing. Soon he came back enquring at all police stations on the way but could not find any clue. In the meantime most of his friends told him that he will not get it back. To his surprise within four hours he got a call from one of his colleague that laptop backpack is with RT Nagar Police. Immediately he rushed to the police station and got back his laptop bacpack.
An auto driver had found it on the road and had given it at the police station. “The RT Nagar Police in turn found my whereabouts and I got my belongings back in just 4hrs”, said Syed Salman Hafiz. The laptop backpack had belongings worth about rupees one lakh, he added.
Hats off to the auto driver Syed Idrees for his honesty.

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