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A family cried when the world celebrated New Year

N. SYED UMAR-webN Syed Umar Saab

When people across the earth celebrate the New Year, it was one of the gravest days for the family of N Syed Umar Saab, who breathed his last on the first day of the year, three years ago.
The late N Syed Umar Saab was a visionary who had established a large number of residential layouts, mosques, educational institutions, burial grounds and other organizations, including the Jamia Masjid Ilyasnagar and the very beautiful Idgah Fayaz –O-Umar which is in the shape of a fort in Minhaj Nagar and JHBCS Layout.
Syed Umar Saab had founded the Al-Khateeb Teachers Training College and Polytechnic after facing a lot of hardship. He had also initiated the cause of opening many government schools. He was also the President of Magnifique Group of Educational Institutions, and the Chairman of Bibi Fathima Group of Educational Institutions.
Umar Bagh Layout, Minhaj Nagar, JHBCS Layout, Ilyasnagar, Fayazabad, Sharada  Nagar are few of the layouts which he had formed. Umar Saab, was also the President of the Eidgah Masjid in Jayanagar.
Son of the late N Syed Umar Saab, U S Moinuddin, who is a well-known environmentalist, author, educationist and a motivational speaker said, “My father served people till his last breath. He neither craved for publicity nor financial benefits; his only aim in life was to help people. He had a strong desire to do things by which people could benefit.”
A role model for others
Syed Umar, popularly called as Umar Saab was born on June 28, 1931 in the tiny village of Hondarbal in  Kollegal Taluk. His father died when he was very young. As a young boy he immigrated to Bangalore along with his brothers and sisters. His real   passion was to serve the people which he did till his last breath.
Initially he worked as the Under Secretary to the government in Vidhana Soudha. Seeing the plight of people and their struggle to have a home of their own, he founded many layouts and offered sites to the needy in a “noncommercial way.”
By providing them sites he enabled thousands of families to lead a comfortable and secured life.
His contribution towards many religious and charitable institutions was immense. For adopting a charitable and secular way of life, many people also refer him as a Saint.
IMG_1176web IMG_1182webJHBCS layout park named after him
The beautiful JHBCS Layout Park in ward no 181, Bangalore South, is named as “N Syed Umar Saab Udyanavana.”
Narayanappa an employee of Indian Institute of Science knew Umar Saab from a long time, he said, “There are very few people in our society who believe in serving people, he neither craved for awards or any kind of recognition. He also had a deep sense of respect for people of all faiths. Truly, we have lost a noble soul.”
D Nazeer Baig, secretary of Minhaj Nagar welfare association, who is also a  resident of the area, said, “There are very few people in the history of Bangalore who had done such remarkable contributions to the society. Umar Saab is an example of simplicity, unwavering hardwork and selfless contribution to the society.”
President of  Masjid –E-Minhaj in Minhaj Nagar, Niyaz Ahmed Shariff, said, “Umar Saab’s contributions to the society are immense. His works will continue to inspire the generations to follow. The people of the area are very happy that the JHBCS Layout Park got named after him.”
At the request of the residents of JHBCS Layout and Minhaj Nagar and also in recognition of the selfless service of Umar Saab to the society, the former Deputy Chief Minister R Ashok who is also the MLA of the locality, and the Corporator of the area H Suresh took the initiative of naming the Park after N Syed Umar Saab.
After decades of service to the people he breathed his last on 1-1-2012

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