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Kannada Rajyotsava with a difference

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Residents of Daffodils Layout in ST Bed of Koramangala under the banner of a newly formed RWA called Daffodils Layout Residents’ Association (DLRA) are kick starting ‘Clean India’ awareness programme in their layout on Kannada Rajyotsava Daythis Sunday. On this day, the residents have planned to clean the entire stretch of the Daffodils Layout, besides “Swachh Bharat” banners would be put up to educate the public.
Office Bearers
S V Krishnan  is the President, while Madhavan Krishnan is the Secretary. Subramanyam Reddy  is Treasurer, Venkat is Joint Secretary.
Daffodils Layout Residents’ Association (DLRA) has been formed recently because several civic issues plagued the layout for the past many years.  They are:
* The layout is facing the wrath of garbage dumping by non-residents of this area, besides clogging of sewage water.
* Another is hazardous waste is being burnt in this area from time to time.
* Rain water and leakage from borewell water getting accumulated on the road, as the gutters on the side of the road and storm water drain are clogged.
* The road is not maintained, as every second day a contractor digs the road and never levels the road.
* People falling sick due to dengue and malaria. No proper footpath for pedestrians to walk.
* A herd of Buffaloes reared in the enclosure near the garbage leaves heaps of dung and urine on the street.
* The major problem is Cauvery water supply has been stopped due to mixing of sewage and drinking water since March 2015.
* Another big problem is traffic jam due to non-residents using the road as a short cut to reach Inner Ring Road.
Over the years many residents of the Daffodils Layout have registered formal complaints with BBMP and also raised issues personally with elected representatives. But every time the solution was only temporary. Finally tired of living in these conditions, the residents of the six apartments comprising of over 100 families decided to take the matter in their own hands. They came together and formed the Daffodils Layout Residents’ Association (DLRA) on October 17th 2015 in order to accomplish the larger goal – of a “Clean India” or “Swachh Bharat” and solve their perennial problems.
Daffodils on Clean India drive
The DLRA has been formed with the objective to address every grievance of the residents. To start with, the garbage issue will be tackled first, with the help of the BBMP, the local corporator, the residents of the Daffodils Layout and media, all being present.  Sensing the mood of the association the corporator and the BBMP have stepped in and have started de-silting the storm water drain in the area. An awareness programme on“Swachh Bharat” will soon be carried out on Nov 1st 2015 on Karnataka Rajyotsav Day from 8am to 10 am and the entire stretch of the Daffodils Layout will be cleaned and “Swachh Bharat” banners indicating efforts around this will be put up to educate everyone.
Daffodils Layout Residents Association(DLRA) comprising of the following apartment blocks/buildings have formed.
•    Aishwarya 1
Bhaskar Kotla and Priya Pinto (DLRA representatives)
•    Aishwarya 2
Shailesh Watsa, Suresh Babu and SudeepSood (all DLRA representatives)
•    Aradhana
Bhanu Prasad (DLRA representative), S V Krishnan  (President)
•    Royal Paras Mark
Madhavan Krishnan (Secretary), Meeth (DLRA representative)
•    Shanti Dhama
Chandrababu Naidu and Dheeraj (both DLRA representatives), Subramanyam Reddy (Treasurer), Venkat (Joint Secretary)
•    Shraddha Sunshine
Nalla Perumal and Preeti Noronha (both DLRA representatives).

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