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City gets a dedicated Advanced Shoulder Centre

Bengaluru got its first dedicated shoulder centre on Sunday. With increase in potholes, many are complaining of falling on roads and experiencing shoulder pains.
People tree Hospitals @ Chris, Kalyan Nagar launched Advanced Shoulder Centre last Sunday. The new centre is a dedicated platform for addressing all the shoulder problems. Speaking on the occasion, Dr.Lokesh Veerappa said “Shoulder has remained an enigma for decades not just to patients but to even Orthopaedic Surgeons here in India despite lot of advances in the West in the management of Shoulder problems.
There are very few centres in India dedicated to address this sub-speciality. With the advent of the desk jobs wherein people sit in front of computers for long hours, newer issues of shoulder are cropping up related to overuse and posture.
With increased interests in the country towards sports the injuries of Shoulder has increased manifold. Also with increased life expectancy degenerative shoulder problems are on the rise.
The hospital takes delight in launching their Advanced Shoulder Centre, which encompasses an integrated approach to shoulder injuries with integrated approach involving Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Yoga therapists.
On the launch day, there a Shoulder talk which encompasses many shoulder injuries and Physiotherapy session to the general public about maintaining shoulder health, was held. This was followed by free consultations for shoulder problems to general public.

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