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Seminar on ‘The challenges of dementia’ held

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Seminar on ‘The challenges of dementia’ was under the aegis of the Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Koramangala recently.
The dreaded word  Dementia evokes a lot of anxiety as well as the need to know more about it to affectively combat and manage this degenerative condition.
The Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore Koramangala organised a seminar last week, on ” The Challenges of Dementia. Awareness. Education and Support. ” at the Koramangala Club. A very relevant and current subject, given the large aging population in our country, the seminar had two very eminent  speakers :  Dr Radha Murthy founder of Nightingales Medical Trust who is a pioneer in the field of Dementia care in the city and Dr PV Sivakumar, Psychiatrist and Professor at  NIMHANS, also scholar and authority on mental illness.
Dr Sivakumar made a very informative presentation on the  physiological  aspects of aging of the brain and its degeneration. The stark visuals of progressively ageing brains with Alzhiemers symptoms was an eye opener.  Dr Radha Murthy then went into the caregiving aspects of patients with Dementia, outlining some tips on how to keep an active stimulated brain to prevent mental stagnation setting in. She also provided information on the kind of care and support that Nightingales Medical Trust was providing for dementia patients in the city.  An interactive question and answer session followed each speaker.
The seminar was well attended by  members of other city clubs,  District officials, Rotarians, members of Dignity Foundation and Ashwasan, other NGOs  and  senior citizens in and around Koramangala.

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