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Honouring of Achievers

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Chan-Ki Martial Arts Trust, Bengaluru, one of the leading Institutes for teaching Karate, Gymnastics, Weapons & Kick Boxing honoured its three achievers on November 26 at Hoodi for their extra ordinary skills and success.
The grandmasters N Chandrashekar (Black Belt 5th Dan & Kick Boxing 2nd Dan) and P Krishna (Black Belt 5th Dan) in presence of Chan-Kis entire instructors and team members honoured IAF veteran Muraly TV, Mrs. Astha Agarwal, Mr. Debajyoti Sahu and Miss. P Susmitha Vani. All of these achievers kept the name of Chan-Ki very high, the Masters said during the function.
Muraly TV, aged about 50 years, recently completed a Solo Adventure Mission by undertaking solo-cycling of 500kms on the roads of Karnataka and AP in 4 days followed by 5000kms of solo-biking on his 100cc bike on the roads of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.
He reached the Border city of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer in four days covering 2222kms; the longest being 650kms on the fourth day on his Bajaj Platina. It was his 12th solo adventure mission and he distributed hundreds of saplings from Kerala to Rajasthan Border. He visited the historical places at Tanot and Laungewala posts manned by BSF and Indian Army wherein saplings were handed over. Also, he disseminated the significance of Organ Donation. He is an Indian Air Force Veteran and a Black Belt holder with Chan-Ki.
Mrs. Astha Agarwal, a lecturer by profession, aged 34 years successfully completed Ultra Marathon of 100kms. She is passionate about running which she continued even after her marriage and even being a mother. She started running at the age of 7 years. Without running, I can not think of a Life she says proudly. She is aiming for better distances in the coming days. She joined martial arts with Chan-Ki with a big aim of more achievements in the long run.
Mr. Debajyoti Sahu is a software professional with Siemens as well as martial arts trainer with Chan-Ki in Karate and Weapons. At his 40 years of age, he brought laurels to Chan-Ki by doing 42kms marathon. He has also participated and crossed first level Full Contact Knock Down tournament. Apart from my professional life, becoming a Martial Arts Trainer was one of my biggest dreams in life, Sahu proudly says.
Miss. P Susmitha Vani, aged 24 years, is a Software Developer. She has done Mountaineering Course from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling. She is an avid trekker who has done many treks in and around Western Ghats and 3 Himalayan Treks. She did 5010mtrs of Himalayan Mountaineering. She is also an Instructor with Chan-Ki. I am aiming for more heights in the coming days, she confidently says.
Chan-Ki Masters honoured all the achievers in a very befitting manner.
Mr. Muraly TV handed over a few saplings to the Masters of Chan-Ki during the function.

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