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The recently held, “Trees in Bengaluru,” a walk amidst the different varieties of trees, in the Magnifique Public School, One Tree by One Person Campus, on Kanakapura Main Road proved to be very educational and entertaining for the participants of the event.
Environmentalist, Author, Educationist and Motivational Speaker U.S. Moinuddin took the participants around the trees and explaining to them the different types of trees which we find in our surroundings. The participants, felt the trunk, flowers, fruits and the leaves of the trees, and learnt to recognize them. He gave very interesting information about the Banyan tree and its significance in Indian culture, Aromatic Bursera trees which are originally from Mexico, the commonly found Rain tree, the Gul Mohar tree, whose name is derived from the Persian words ‘Gul’ meaning flower and ‘Mor’ Meaning Peacock, the Eucalyptus tree and the Acacia Mangium trees which are native to Australia, Sausage tree and its huge hanging fruits, Mahogany tree, Spathodia Campanulata, also called as African Tulip tree, the buds of which contain a liquid, and children love to squirt the liquid, using them as water pistols, varieties of Bamboos, Fig trees, Casuarina Equisetifolia commonly called as Saru, and dozens of other trees were explained by the environmentalist.
U.S. Moinuddin Said, “An ability to identify and understand the trees in your surroundings is very important as it enables you to choose the right kind of trees for planting, taking into consideration the space which is available. Some trees are very big, and some are small, with the right kind of information, especially about their size, we can easily choose the trees for planting and also create the kind of effect which we want to. The more we learn about the trees, the more we get connected to them.”
Gopal Krishna, Manager, Prism Books said, “The event Trees is Bengaluru, was very informative. I am sure all the participants gained a lot of knowledge and would participate in making our surroundings green and beautiful. Prism Books would always be very happy to get associates with such activities that benefit the society.”
Imraana Begum a school teacher, who had participated in the event, said, “Nature’s gifts are often hard to value in monetary terms. Like clean air, they are often taken for granted, at least until they become scarce. Trees in Bengaluru, was very educational. After the event we developed a very strong urge to plant trees and also to take care of the trees which are there in our surroundings.
Venkatesh B R, Sales Manager from Allites Life Sciences Private Limited who enthusiastically attended the event with his parents, said, “It was a very helpful event, Moinuddin made the participants to learn about the nature and the trees in a very innovative manner, I really enjoyed it.”
Mohammed Yaseen, A 75 Year old retired clerk from the forest department and also a former volleyball player was very excited to attend the event, he said, “ Attending the event was a very amazing experience, it reminded me of the forests in Kollegal and Bandipur, where I had worked. Once again learning about the trees like Sandalwood, Teak wood ,Rose wood, Silver Oak, and Bamboos was indeed a very interesting experience.”
A quiz was also held for the participants, in which interesting questions concerning the trees were asked, and the participants exhibited great enthusiasm in answering the question after a wonderful walk amidst the trees. The participants were also asked to identify some of the trees in the campus as part of the quiz. Gifts to the participants were sponsored by Prism Books, well-known book publishers, from Bengaluru.

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