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Remedy for Creaking Joints

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On the 12th of October, Samskruthi Ladies’ Association (SLA) had a physiotherapist Ms Shwetha of ‘My Physio’ as a guest speaker.
Following the club formalities, Ms Shwetha started with her talk which held the focus of the members unscattered. The most common aches occur in the neck, shoulders, hip and knees. Simple exercises were demonstrated to keep the joints out of trouble. Healthy food habits and routine exercise would keep a person fit and happy. Ms Shwetha compared the human body to a car where regular servicing promises the car a smooth and longer life, thus right physiotherapy/ proper exercise keeps the body healthy.
Surgery should be considered as the last resort when the condition cannot be improved, she added. Aging is a natural process, with perfect exercise and right diet one could achieve good-quality life. Members diligently followed the exercises demonstrated by the speaker. Questions were answered patiently and technically by the physiotherapist bringing a power-packed meeting to an end.
On October 26th, Vegetable carving by Ms Durgarani at SLA.

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