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Bengaluru students create ZERO COST film set

Namma Bengaluru students have created a new record on Saturday. They have built a film set, a first in the country, where in the entire cost spent was ZERO. Sounds strange but it is TRUE. The first ‘zero cost’ film set was created by students of Creo Valley School of Film and Television at their campus on Saturday. By doing so, the students have given a new hope to the financially burdened film makers to go for zero cost film sets which doesn’t compromise on quality but is high on creativity.
Unveiling the zero cost film set, Creo Valley School director Ms Avi Keswani said filmmaking was always considered an expensive endeavour, preventing many from trying it. “If you have a trained eye and creative insight, it is possible to build beauty out of anything. Creo Valley School of film and television, wanted to experiment on the idea of building a complete film set with only found materials such as coir, jute, bamboo and glass bottles, for the execution of a satirical neo noir crime scene. The idea was budding out of the old saying-necessity is a mother of invention, with no proper permissions available for similar spaces in the city. This experiment is also used as an opportunity to train the students in deal with constraints in a creative manner and deliver spectacular results,” she said.
Creo Valley School film institute’s another director Girish Keswani said that the best part of this zero cost film set was that it could be replicated anywhere as the resources used to create the set was found in abundance everywhere. He also said that even top producers of Sandalwood, Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood could go for it. “The perception of a lavish film set required to increase the richness of a movie is better flawed in its concept. The set is created from the script and movie is all about the script and how it is portrayed by the director. The role of any set is to provide ambience for the story to flow and how that is done is not about how much do you spend but how you use your idea. Hence, the zero budget concept is to encourage more people to adopt film making as their career and the excuse of film making being an expensive endeavour will get diluted”, Keswani added.
The students said that they had created the sets using tyres, coir, jute, newspaper, bamboo and glass bottles etc. However, one can attempt such a film set using other items also.
The list of usable items is infinite and anything which can be recycled or is non-recyclable can be used for the set. Avi Keswani said that the creation of the zero cost film set was only a first step as they were now attempting to create an entire movie at one location with just a few characters. The new approach about sustainability and stagnant location will bring down the cost considerably, she added.

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