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Students go on a rhythmic concert

Annual Day of Shree Veena Institute of Music

IMG_8025 - Copy IMG_8046 -copy IMG_8077 IMG_8103webAudience were touched to the core of universal musical expression as the students of “Shree Veena Institute of Music” arranged time and sound into myriad, magnificent, multifaceted patterns of rhythmic  complexities. There was a sparkling enthusiasm and excitement in the air in the city last Saturday as the young maestros of the institution were on their toes to present their talents.
“In the present times tabla is being taught as an independent subject in schools, colleges and universities. Popularity of this instrument has spread all over the world”, said Shrikant G Devipur, the founder of the institute.
Devipur is a legendary tabla artiste who has gained appreciation from audience across the globe.
Born in the city of Gulbarga shrikant Devipur started his journey with rhythms at the age of 12 under the guidance of Balachandra Rao. With the highest commitment and the deepest devotion to learn tabla, he continued his musical voyage under Prasun chattergy of Kolkata and Anand badamikar of Maharastra. He also had the privilege to become the disciple of ustad Alla Rakha, the rhythmic soul of India.
Later ustad Zakir Hussain’s guidance helped him to explore the unlimited potential for the perfect mastery.  Shrikant Devipur is also a recipient of swar kala gaurav puraskar 2009 and alankar degree 1997. He was honoured for the same at jaipur by pt.Vishwamohan bhat.
He is teaching students at National Public School, Rajajinagar and Koramangala. He also has taught students for five years at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore. Currently he is running an institution “Shri Veena Institute of Music” where he is coaching several young talents.
Last Saturday the institute celebrated its annual day where young artistes Samarth, Abhay, Arun, Vighnesh, Dhruv, Rishab, Pranav T, Pranav, Dhruv Sharma, Suraj, Aditya Raj, Vinayaka M, Avinash, Madhav, Rakesh, Sannappa, Premkishore, Krutibhas, Tanush, Tishya, Laxmish, Bharat, Akshay, Kedharnath and others presented Tabla Solo.
Renowned singer Sangeet Bhaskar Mousumi Maitra presented wonderful pieces of Hindustani classical music. Audience was delighted to hear the beautiful composition of raag Bhageshree and Meera Bhajan. Chief guest and the poetess Nagaveena Manjunath spoke about the responsibility of parents in cultivating the interest among children towards our culture. All the participants were given momentos for their mesmerizing performance.

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