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Citizens objections to new zoning regulations

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Citizens objections to new zoning regulations
n One rule for across state is the absolute opposite of town planning. Town planning is about the characteristics of that town not a universalised view. Bangalore city for example is characterised by wide roads. To mix Bangalore into the same category as Koppal and Bagalkot makes a mockery of the process.
n The commercialisation/Zoning rules contradict the objects of Zoning stated in the rules itself.
n The gazette notification appears to be a way to circumvent well established verdicts in courts to protect residential neighbourhoods. And is therefore pandering to a builder /trader lobby.
n For such drastic change of rules there has to be a justification /study done. “ UDD appears to have no basis for these new rules.
n When it has already been demonstrated enough that there is no will or mechanisms to enforce any Zoning laws, any new laws without clarity on how rules will actually be implemented is meaningless. This principle has been upheld by the Supreme Court which just recently stayed the Akrama Sakrama scheme of the Govenrment.
n As usual the new rules are silent in what action will be taken against violations of these rules itself let alone earlier violations.
New draft proposed zoning regulations all over Karnataka published in Gazette.
Residents have expressed shock and surprise at the draft gazette notification published by Government of Karnataka UDD on 1st July. With one stroke of the pen the notification seeks to allow unbridled commercial activity even on roads of 30 ft width. Considering that most residential roads in Bengaluru are 30 ft and 40 ft in width the change will virtually decimate prime residential areas in Bengaluru. Residents Welfare Associations and Civic groups plan to strongly oppose the changes and are planning agitational and legal steps to dissuade the Government from taking the steps it has taken. This notification also introduces the concept of Premium FAR whereby additional FAR can be obtained on payment.
Reacting to the draft notification one Koramangala resident described it as an action brought about by a Government of the builders by the builders and for the builders !

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