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Height Barriers: A bane or not MAKE WAY FOR THE AMBULANCE

Increase the height of permanent Barricades installed in some of the roads of Koramangala 3rd Block in order to MAKE WAY FOR THE AMBULANCE.
Recalling an incident that happened about two weeks ago, V J Kittu is a resident of Koramangala 3rd Block 9th Main Road. His brother in law`s wife had come to their house and stayed with them about 6 days. Suddenly she got ill on 20.6.2017 and the family called in for an AMBULANCE and soon a Tempo Traveller Ambulance came near Heritage Fresh Shop of 16th Main road 3rd block.
But the ambulance could not reach the spot in time due to height barriers and took nearly half an hour to reach their house which is in the same block.
Because the ambulance could not pass through the permanent barricades though they tried in different roads.
Finally one of their relatives went on a two wheeler and guided the ambulance to reach the spot. Soon the family got the patient admitted to the Fortis Hospital and unfortunately the next day she passed away.
Every minute is a life saving minute for the patient from the ambulance. In this regard through City Kemp it is requested the concerned authorities to increase the height of the permanent barricades for the entrance of the Tempo traveler / Swaraj Mazda ambulances in order to save the life of serious patients.

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