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Unending woes of 6th Block residents

Dr A K Ramdas

The long awaited rains in the City have just started and residents hope that Rain Gods will favour the city with continuous & regular downpours so that denizens do not have to suffer the incessant water shortage that they have experienced so far.
But, in its wake, the rains have also brought out various related problems. One wonders why the authorities should decide and award tenders “to be executed” around this time? Why can not these road maintenance and repair works be done earlier before the rains hit the city?
The unfortunate part is that, for reasons unknown, these much needed works are done, in an apparent, haphard manner. It is evident that contractors carry out these jobs in a slip-shod manner; most of the roads, both main and sub-roads and lanes have been dug up; trenches are dug with mechanical diggers like JCBs and also mannually, in order, supposedly for the purposes of laying sewerage pipes. In the process of so doing, there have been enormous damages caused to old sewage , water, electrical and telephone connections. These trenches have not been filled and compacted, nor completed by proper road levelling and treatment by coal tar and concreting so as to bring the road level fit for vehicles to use as these are uneven. In fact, in many places, the manhole covers are jutting out over the road levels and not in flush with the same! This jutting of manhole covers is a definite road hazard for vehicles.
In addion to all these poor work, public have to manage and walk on the side of the roads, rather than the footpaths, which are occupied by vendors of all kinds, some are permanent and others, on wheels!
CityKemp, recently, and as in the past, has raised this issue and carried detailed stories on the troubles and woes of the residents. It may be recalled that the President, Jayaramu, and Secretary Suresh Gowda, recently held discussions with Shri Ramalinga Reddy, Transport Minister, and who also takes keen care and interest in the CityDevelopment.
Discussions have been carried out with BWSSB officials; BBMP, Bescom; SWD, WWM and all related officials. As it always happens, assurances are given, but the conditions of the roads remain in poor appaling state. After the recent unexpected rains, Bescom came out with newspaper advertisments and offering the assistance to the public, but newspaper reports show, and the residents are aware, that thousands of calls remained unanswered, because there are inadequate lines in operation.
So, how can the public be assisted by various Government Organizations? Here are some suggestions that can be seriously considered and implemented, after all of them provide and set up the following :
a) For each Organization, let them establish an automatic email registration system where all the public, preferably, the relative Resident Welfare Association Secretariat, file their report;
b) Every such email will have an automatic response to the sender with a registration number; the complaint goes to the CEO or the nominated officials, who will delegate the responsibility to one or more officials in a given area
c) Each response will include the name of the contact official concerned, his/her phone
number, email address with whom direct contact can be established to resolve the issue
d) Each Contractor, who has been awarded the job, must put up a placard, at the site, showing the following details: name of the contractor, tender number and date, contract awarded by name of orgnization; contractor’s name and full address; name of site in charge, his phone number, email address and the person to be contacted at the site, who is actually working at the site…most of the time it is the daily labourer who has been “dropped” at the site to do the job, and most of the time, he is a sub-contract labourer.! Public ought to know as to when the job will be completed and who will do the final “clean up” work..
e) The Organization Awarding the contract must put up a clause in the Contract that the final payment will not be effected until the Inspection is done by authorized representatives of the Resident Welfare Association and duly certified by them.
Unless stringent action is taken in the lines suggested above, this slip-shod way of working will continue and cause damage to public property and bring untold inconvenience to the residents. Also it is hoped the the Club Road is now properly covered and concreting is done in a good manner so that public are able to use them.
At the same time, the tree decorations of endless length of wires hanging around loose, all over the place, including the walkable footpaths need to be controlled, and alternative means devised to ensure that this method of haphazard cable TV distribution lines are regulated.
Enough is enough! Can we have some concrete action to assist the residents?

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