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‘New Manhole will be constructed opp to BMTC Depot by WWM’

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Following the Koramangala 6th Block Residents Welfare Association the Water Waste Management Dept has been tracing out the manholes in 80ft road from NGV Signal to Sony World Signal. Finally they got 3 more manholes where the silt was fully accumulated in the manholes. In all, totally 6 to 8 manholes have been traced out on 80ft main road, but still tracing out of the manholes is going on.
But from 17th G Main road to 80ft Main road the connectivity of the sewage lines has been disconnected. In this regard Executive Engineer Parmeshwara inspected and directed to Dinakar, Assistant Executive Engineer and their team to construct a new manhole for Sub-mains Opp to BMTC Depot so that the lateral (Maintenance)lines from 17th G main road will be connected to the Sub-mains for smooth and free flow of sewage.
V C Kumar, Additional Chief Engineer from Water Waste Management Department along with Jayaramu, President of 6th Block RWA had come to the spot on 2nd June to inspect the on going work and said to the officials to do the needful for the residents of 6th Block.
In this regard Lakshmi Kanth, Assistant Executive Engineer and Mohan Assistant Engineer from Maintenance Dept said by next package of changing of sewage lines is Subramanya Park Zone for which the work will be taken up as soon as possible, he added
“All the above development is monitored by Nagaraj K, the MC member from Koramangala 6th Block RWA,” said Suresh N Gowda, Secretary of 6th block RWA.

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