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Blessings through the window ! Bangaru Tirupathi

This is the second temple I have been where the darshan of the diety is through a window! One is of Shri Krishna at Udupi and the other at ‘Bangaru Tirupathi’, 29 Kms from Kolar. Karnataka has two Tirupathis… One is ‘Chikka Tirupathi’ a few Kms from Bangalore and the other ‘Bangaru Tirupathi’ at ‘ Guttahalli ‘ in Kolar Dist. Karnataka. It is believed that for some reason if one cannot go to Tirupathi, the Seven Hill abode of Sri Venkateshwara. . . He can visit these shrines of Lord Vishnu, Sri Venkateshwara.
Bangaru Tirupathi is modelled after Tirumala Tirupathi Temple of Sri Lord Venkateshwara. The temple is on a hillock and one needs to traverse up and down two hillocks – one is of Lord Venkateshwara and the other Mahalakshmi. It takes approximately an hour to visit both these shrines. It’s better to go early to avoid the pilgrim crowds. Avoid going around holidays, weekends and festive times!
The temple complex has a beautiful temple pond (pushkarani). The elegant gopurams built add aesthetic value to the temple architecture. Young Children and aged people may find difficulty visiting and climbing both hillocks. The rugged landscape with vegetation gives this region excellent topography and is pleasing to the eye. One finds a village carnival at the entrance of this temple. July – August, sees a Temple Fest here!
Reaching Bangaru Tirupathi from Bangalore a distance of a 100 Kms would take 2 hours in your own vehicle. ‘ Kotilingeshwara’ – the temple whose primary ambition is to establish 1 crore lingas is close by – a mere 7 Kms. Kolar town is 29 Kms from here. Kolar-Mulbagal? being the doorway to the south has got a lot of temples in its tourist circuit. The Cholas, Gangas, Pallavas, Hoysalas, Wodyers, Hyderali & Tipu Sultan ruled this region. KGF – Kolar Gold Field’s is close by. This region has gold excavated, hence the name ‘Bangaru’ – meaning ‘Gold’!
Legend and tales go that ‘Bhrigu Maharishi’ did his penance at this place. Lord Vishnu was pleased with his penance that he opened up his six senses! Here the graphic representation being the 6 holes in the temple wall are negative traits of human nature. It is through these 6 holes, the Lord is seen and prayed. It’s believed that one should realize our negative human traits and pray through these 6 holes to over come them!
This Temple was developed, improved by the Ex- Revenue Minister M V Krishnappa in the year 1963 – 64. The roads off the highway are lonely and deserted, but safe and scenic! Public transport is sporadic, it’s better to have your own vehicle. Carry cash, digital India has not yet made in-roads here. Highway restaurants are your only bet for decent clean food. There are quiet a few. Leaving early and heading back before sunset is the best bet out here. It’s a great weekend… Day Trip!
-Jagdeesh Laxman Singh
aka Jugie Singh
Text & Photography

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