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Lions celebrate Women’s Day

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Lions Dist 317e and DC for women empowerment Ln Chamundeshwari along with the lion ladies of 317e celebrated International Women’s Day in Chowdeshwari Kalayana Mantap Lakksandra. It was a colourful evening with ladies of other NGOs also participating
City Mayor Padmavathy was the chief guest. Anupama Hosakere founder of Dattu, a Puppet show was the keynote speaker. State Chairperson for child rights Dr.Kripa Alva and Nalini Shekar of Hasirudal were the other speakers.
Ln Chamundeshwari gave a memorandum to the Mayor regarding starting up vocational training centres like tailoring,candle making, computer training centres, home nursing training, etc for women in every ward for which Mayor promised to do it. Also Mayor asked the women to be bold for change which is the international slogan for Women’s Day. Also Anupam and Dr. Kripa Alva spoke how a woman can come up in her life with strong will citing some examples.
In the end, women from various background and various fields were honoured for their services like post runners, teachers, nurses, bus conductor and drivers and pourakarmikas. It was a colourful celerebation with more than 200 women attending.

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