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IMG_0349aRecently, (last Sunday) an event to identify the different varieties of trees in our surroundings was organized by One Tree by One Person in association with VFC in the Magnifique Public School, One Tree by One Person Campus on Kanakapura Main Road. The Tree Walk called “Know Your Trees” attracted people from different walks of life.
Environmentalist, Author, Educationist, Motivational Speaker U.S. Moinuddin took the participants on a journey in the lush green campus, and gave elaborate details about the Rain Tree, Banyan Tree, Gulmohar Tree, Acacia Mangium, Bursera, Varieties of Bamboos, Mahogany, Silver Oak, Peltophorum Pterocarpum, Sandal Wood, Singapore Cherry, Cannonball Tree, Honge and the Sausage Tree. The size of these trees when mature, their fruits, shape of the leaves and flowers, and the texture of the stem was explained to the participants.
Explaining about the trees to the participants, U.S. Moinuddin said, “When people learn to identify the trees, and understand the size of these trees when fully grown, it becomes very easier for us to choose the right kind of saplings to plant, according to the availability of the space. If there is less space in front of your house, it becomes difficult to plant a Rain Tree or a Gulmohar Tree as they grow very huge, with the right information one can choose the right kind of saplings and plant accordingly.”
Rashmi Sahoo, VFC Volunteer and SAP Consultant at Deloitte said, “ It was a different experience for us, and the walk in the midst of nature, learning about the different varieties of trees was an effective learning for all of us.”
Shashikala, a supporter of One Tree by One person and an active volunteer for the Indian Cancer Society said, “Though I am a farmer, and had Knowledge about some of the trees in our environment, the information which I got from the event was fabulous. I also learnt about some of the trees, which originate from Africa. I realized that there was still so much to learn about the trees.”
Gopi, fitness trainer and owner of the Body Line Gym, who had participated in the event said, “I am very happy with the activities of One Tree by One Person, I intend to promote the idea of tree planting to all my students in the gym.”
Umme Hani a teacher in a school who had participated along with a few of her students said, “It was an unbelievable experience, I had no idea of the varieties of trees in our environment. Learning about the Cannonball tree which is often planted near the temples, and the aromatic Bursera Tree with its dark brown stem and branches which releases a sweet fragrance when a tiny twig is plucked, was truly stunning.”
Later, the method of planting a sapling and watering techniques too were explained to the participants by the Environmentalist.

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