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300 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant in e-city opened

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ELCITA being the municipal body for Electronics City, provides various services for member Industries including water supply and sewage.
Electronics City generates 6000 Kilolitres of waste water every day; 52% of it is currently treated and reused. The larger industries have setup waste water treatment plant inside their campuses. To support smaller industries, especially MSMEs, small hotels, educational institutions who may not have the wherewithal to setup and maintain such facilities, ELCITA has built a common 300 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). The STP will recycle the waste water collected from these industries, and using the treated water for construction, watering trees etc. The STP was inaugurated by Lakshman, Chairman Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, on  August 10. Ramdas Kamath, Executive Vice President Infosys Ltd,  presided over the function.
The inauguration was followed by an interactive session on safe disposal of used cooking oil and generation of bio fuels, led by experts from Eco Green fuels and Hasiru Dala.
ELCITA also handles over 4.5 tons of solid waste a day. Our services include collection of solid waste and e-waste from member industries. We also process leaf litter from our roads and public spaces, selling the resulting compost back to members. ELCITA engages with neighboring villages to ensure responsible waste and water management in and around e-city
Electronic City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA) is an urban local body for the Electronics City industrial township providing municipal services such as road maintenance, street lighting, security, water supply and sewage and waste management. ELCITA’s jurisdiction covers an area of 903 acres and 11 guntas. Industries in Electronics City include leading IT, Electronic and MSME firms like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Instruments, Customized technologies, HICAL, Radel etc.

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