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Surya Aradhane on Rathasapthami

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The ladies of Yoga Satsanga, Koramangala celebrated ‘Surya Aradhane ‘ in an unique ceremonious way.
The event which started sharp at 6 am was inaugurated by Dr Radha Kulakarni, a well-known personality in teaching and social service by lighting the lamp, followed by Bindu Rao, a noted personality of Koramangala 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association, inspiring spirit of Yoga Satsanga Munnarayana, the chief guest Ms.Jyothi, Yoga Guru of Patanjali Yoga Shikshana Samithi and the Yoga Teacher of Yoga Satsanga, and Dakshayini Raghavendra.
Pooja Aradhane began with Veda Mantra Ghosha by Dakshayini and her students, music teacher of RWA Jayalakshmi added melody by singing a devotional song praising Surya Bhagavan.
The group chanting of “Surya Upanishad “and “Surya Gayathri Manthra” by all the students filled the entire Yoga hall with divine vibrations, which was felt by one and all in the hall.
Vimala Hirematt gave a brief note of Ratha Sapthami and it’s importance in Yoga. Ms Jyothi, the chief guest gave a motivating speech on ‘ Yoga for ladies ‘ which inspired ladies to join for Yoga class. Last but not least the Yoga Teacher Dakshayini Raghavendra gave a demonstration which conveyed the message “Yogave Jivana ” in a simplest way.
The actual event of Surya Namaskara started with 3 Omkaras, Shanthi Manthra and Guru shtuti. The mind set was made stable by Manthras and breathing exercises and the body set was made stronger by loosening exercises.
With this preparation, 13 rounds of Surya Namaskara began with complete devotion which reflected students respect and gratitude towards Surya Bhagavan.The whole ceremony concluded with Shavaasana, Yoga Manthras, Kara Manthra, Shanti Manthra and Guru Shtuthi.

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