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Building demolished on High Court order

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In an unprecedented step a residential building under construction at the junction of 9th main road and 3rd cross road in Koramangala 3rd Block was ordered to be demolished on orders from the High Court of Karnataka.
The building with Ground plus 3 floors was ordered demolished on a complaint filed by a neighbour alleging setback and FAR violations

What is setback & FAR?
Setback: Minimum distance between any building or any structure from the boundary line of the plot. For buildings from six to nine metres in height, the setback on all sides should be one metre. For buildings over 11.5 metres height and a plot size of 4,000 sq metres, the setback should be five metres on all sides
FAR: The ratio of the floor area to the plot area is FAR. However, it includes escalators, open balconies, staircase and corridors.
Ground coverage: The total area covered by the building immediately above the plinth level. Swimming pool, sump, pump house and electric substation and utilities are not included.
Height of building: Means the vertical distance measured, in the case of flat roofs, from the average level of the ground around and contiguous to the building up to the highest point of the building. A high-rise building is of a height of 24 metres or more above the average surrounding ground level. If the road width is less than 9 metres, then the maximum height is restricted to 11.5 metres or stilt +GF+2 floors (whichever is less).

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