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Children draw ‘My beautiful India’ in 3rd Block

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On the occasion of Independence Day a painting competition, Origami display and Quiz contest were organized jointly by Deccan Herald and Koramangala 3rd Block RWA.
The theme for the painting contest was ” My beautiful India” in which more than 25 children under the age of 10 took part.
It was a wonderful sight to see the youngsters busy at work expressing their ideas through art.
An Origami display and tutorial was also held for the children under 10. They were taught how to make hats and masks from newspapers.
The highlight of the evening was a General Knowledge quiz devoted to India. Questions ranged from the easy to the very challenging.
Many parents were heard remarking that they wished they had paid more attention in their History and Geography classes in school !
Deccan Herald also arranged a High Tea for all present.
The program was truly a novel event and Koramangala 3rd Block RWA has promised to organize many more similar events in the days to come.

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