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Smoke on the water … Hogenkal !

Hogenkal gorge downstreamck Hogenkal. one of many smaller fallsckSmoke on the water and misty sky… this is what you see at Hogenkal one of the most beautiful waterfalls of south India aptly called ‘Niagara of India’. Water tears through this bulk of the oldest carbonite rocks … one of the oldest on this planet.
Hogenkal shares the border between Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Hogenkal is easily approachable from Dharmapuri and can be a day trip. The only decent place to stay is the Tamilnadu tourism place apart from a few lodges. This place needs to be cleaned up profusely and also too many vendors mess up the place. Packed lunch would be advised. Hogenkal is in the lap of beauty. It’s gushing water seems to have medicinal value. Power baths are in vogue here. Caution is advised before stepping into water. Coracle rides are an attraction… be vary… the currents are too strong. Hogenkal is a beautiful picturesque spot for an ideal picnic. This place is a photographers delight. Hogenkal sees river Cauvery serene and calm in certain areas and wild and rapid in others. The food and eateries available here on roadside pavement shacks is predominantly southindian -typically Tamilnadu cuisine. Hogenkal is 150 kms from Bangalore and good roads lead you out there. Hogenkal is worth a day trip on a lazy weekend.

-Jagdeesh Laxman Singh
aka Jugie Singh
Text & Photography
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