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Astounding but true

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Letter to editor

swami-vivekananda city kemp webcity kemp webRemarkable similarities between two greats – Swami Vivekananda and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Look at the facts: Both are Narendra. One is Narendra Dutta and the other is Narendra Modi. Swamiji made his debut at the end of 19th century and Modi at the end of 20th century. Both have universal appeal.
If Swamiji addressed his Brothers and Sisters of America in Chicago, Modiji did in New York and Washington and travelled to Australia, Fiji, Nepal, Bhutan and is to visit Sri Lanka and Germany.
Swamiji suggested to J N Tata to promote science and Tata Institute was born in Bengaluru. So also to Seth Wallchand Hirachand about aircraft Manufacture & Hindustan Aircraft was born at Bengaluru.
Modiji similarly is promoting ‘Make-in-India’ and it may become a movement without parallel.
Both will and have contributed to rejuvenation of Hindu thought though not at cost of other religions.
If Bengal led the way in Swamiji’s time, Gujarath is doing so in Modi’s time for last 15/16 years and will lead.
Both believe in excellence, integrity and humanism to make for a better individual.
Both arrived at national scene when needed most to arrest moral decline.
The message from both rings on:
Arise, Awake and Stop not till goal is reached
-Sriram R
former Member Technical, KEB

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