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E-liminators: For safe disposal of e-waste

20150524_ck41It all began with a question! “What happens when we throw out our E-waste?” A lot of research uncovered the horrifying truth. Our E-waste is usually just dumped along with our wet and dry waste and left to decompose over 1000s of years. Here, it damages the environment, polluting the land and water, rendering everything it comes in contact with useless.
But that isn’t even the worst bit as everything we cast off as waste has individual components which can easily be reused or recycled. Instead they just end up in landfills.
Shocked by this, Siddharth Chadha, a student of National Public School Koramangala along with other children in Adarsh Esplanade formed a group called the E-LIMINATORS, focused on educating about, collecting and disposing E-waste. They decided to take matters into their own hands and invited the extremely passionate, David from E-Cure to educate the residents on waste and its disposal.
Their first project was an E-waste collection drive in the apartment. First, they went door to door educating people about the cause and their role in the process and then went around a second time collecting whatever E-waste the residents had to offer. The team consisting of around a dozen dynamic and enthusiastic children was ecstatic with their first collection of 150 kg. This was donated to the Samarthanam Trust which disposed  it  of efficiently and used the money generated to provide for disabled children.
The E-LIMINATORS working out of HSR Layout look forward to their next drive in the vicinity and hope that aware and enthusiastic citizens will give them an opportunity to take this project further, one step at a time. They can be contacted on their Facebook page.

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