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BBMP Administrator visits Koramangala

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The BBMP administrator T M Vijay Bhaskar, visited Koramangala on Thursday (July 23) to inspect the garbage re-transfer happening in the land adjacent to the 7th cross and the Mestripalya lake. This visit was in response to the request made by residents for his help and immediate intervention in this regard.
Vijay Bhaskar has instructed the local ward engineers not to allow more than 1 truck and 3 autos to be parked in this area. This to a large extent will reduce the stench coming from this area.
Vijay Bhaskar requested residents to coordinate with the local ward engineers and fence a small area with an entrance from the telephone exchange road.  If  this small area is fenced the trucks will not have access to the rest of the land and they will not be able to park more than 1 truck and 3 autos.
The administrator also visited the leaf shredder area operated by Koramangala 3rd Block RWA and expressed a keen appreciation for the initiative.
The Koramangala 3rd block composting facility  has converted over 150 tons of street leaf litter to excellent quality compost.  The produce “Kora3B compost” is now popularly known, has become the credible high quality brand among Bengaluru’s gardening community. To buy Kora 3B ‘Black Gold’, please contact Jayachandra Reddy at: 07022358470

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