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HD surveillance cameras being installed by police

hdThe Bengaluru City Police along with the traffic police is installing 152 HD surveillance cameras with night vision to monitor traffic as well as to maintain law and order. This initiative is in addition to the existing traffic junction cameras in 175 locations across the city.
Such a camera has been installed at the Adugodi Main Road-Hosur Road junction. Adugodi police jurisdiction will have three cameras, while Madiwala police six cameras.
All data will be processed with the Traffic Management Centre’s infrastructure. Digital analytics and special software will be used to process the data received from the cameras. The system will automatically alert personnel in case of any emergency. These cameras will be having facial recognition feature.  The system will be useful during a mob situation in which it will match the accused person from the database using photographs, sketches or even video grabs. It will then automatically alert the control room and also the nearest police station.

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