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6th Block RWA interacts with WWM officials

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Following the Koramangala 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association request to the BWSSB Chairman last week, a team of BWSSB officials headed by Water Waste Management Dept (Sub mains) Executive Engineer Parameshwara, Assistant Executive Engineer Dinakar and Maintenance Dept Assistant Executive Engineer Lakshmi Kanth, Assistant Engineer Mohan along with Jayaramu, President of Koramangala 6th Block RWA with MC Members inspected the 80ft road of Koramangala. Till last week only two Manholes of Maintenance Dept on 80ft road had been traced which was buried during asphalting and one manhole of submains had been traced in front of Devi Eye Hospital.
However on 26th May 2017, two more manholes of Submains have been traced i.e. in front of BMTC Depot and another one is in front of Domino’s Pizza. More tracing work of manhol;es is going on from IBP Petrol Bunk to Sony World Signal.
Parameshwara has assured the 6th Block RWA within 10 days all the Submains manholes will be traced and cleared, besides this, it will be serviced.
By June 2nd or 3rd one more meeting will be arranged to give the progress report done by the WWM Dept, he said.
Nagaraj K raised the issue regarding the change of sewage lines to higher diameter is all over the 6th block or not.
To this, Lakshmi Kanth and Mohan both said that each and every main road and cross road has been included in packages so that one by one the work will be done.
Usha Ravindranath @ Uma raised the doubt regarding the connection of sewage lines how can we know the contractor has connected the lines to the main sewage lines which is being laid newly across the 18th main, 19th main etc. So Mohan rectified that after the work is completed he will make a team from BWSSB to conduct survey door to door and check the sewage connection as a result it will be cleared.

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