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One Crore Shiva Lingas: An amazing movement of faith by people

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Tree of faith city kempWould you like to see a crore of Shiva Lingas close to Bangalore (Bengaluru) – it’s a mere two hours drive. This place is an amazing visual experience. Closer to Kolar in Karnataka, travelling to Tirupathi is a small hamlet of a village called, Kammasandra – a 15 acre village 5 kms from Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) or 6 kms from BEML nagar.
This divine people’s participation moment was started by Swamy Sambha Shiva Murthy on 10th October 1980 by establishing the first Shiva Linga. His vision was to establish a Crore Shiva Lingas by the people of faith. This man made divine picturesque sight is amazing and moves people of faith closer to divinity.
The conceived project is to put up One Crore Shiva Lingas. To this date 90 lakh Lingas are in place, running short by 10 lakhs. The cost of establishing a Shiva Linga ranges from Rs.7,000 to Rs.30,000 and the size can be from one foot to three feet.
This place has a cluster of Hindu temples which satisfies all sub-sects of Hinduism. . . Most important of all the Hindu Trinity finds a honourable place here. . . Bhrama, the creator. Vishnu, the protector and Shiva, the destroyer.
The main poojas at the temple are at sunrise and sunset. But, to facilitate the travelling tourist crowd -the temple is open till 9:30 pm. The temple trust arranges free lunch to all visitors.Free Marriages too are arranged at this temple by the Trust which runs the temple regularly. There are no restaurants to have a meal. Only nick nacks are available.
A tree of faith exists in front of the main diety. Childless women seeking gratification.
Happy marriage to the hopefull. Good peaceful family life is established with a simple prayer and vow by tying a yellow thread of faith to a tree which exists in front of the main deity.
It is said – faith moves mountains. But this place instills faith back in humanity and social service. A visual extravaganza awaits you at this divine man made structure.

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