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8th Block residents suffer from foul smell due to open sewage line

Residents of Koramangala 8th Block suffer from inhaling foul smell from open Sewage line.
KEBSSS organized a meeting on 19th August 2017 near the storm water drain at entrance to Rajendra Nagar on 2nd C main road.
Purpose of the meeting was to discuss and find a solution to the problem of sewage waterline on 2nd C Main road left open and foul smell emanating for over a month affecting health of surrounding residents. Sewage water of parts of Audugodi police quarters and most part of 8th block flow down to end of 2nd C Main road adjacent to storm water drain, being the lowest gradient point and is left open near the storm water drain.Earlier the sewage waterline was joined to the storm water drain which was discovered when the storm water drain reconstruction work was undertaken.
Meeting was attended by BWSSB AEE Lakshmikanth, AE Mohan, BBMP AE Venkatesh, ward 147 Corporator’s represented by Sampath and members of KEBSSS like B D Nagaraj, Britto, G C Ramachandra, ShivKumar, Indu Shekar, K Sridhar, Samir Sen, Saravana, Cdr.Nagaraj (retd) and residents from the affected area.
It was decided after discussions that a temporary solution of connecting the sewage pipe line with a 12 inch line from the open end at 2nd C Main road to a point further down 300 to 500 metres towards Rajendra Nagar and connected there. This would eliminate the foul smell problem experienced by the residents.
Further, a case would be taken up to lay down a permanent sewage line from 2nd C Main road to a point near NGV with proper termination and chambers enroute at required places. This involves budget in crores and takes about 6 months for tendering, contracting, work order issue and execution. Sampath agreed to coordinate with all concerned for this permanent solution.
The affected residents heaved a sigh of relief as atlast their agony of inhaling foul smell may come to an end in 15 days time atleast with a temporary solution.

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